Previous Events

Thanks to the help of generous supporters we’ve been able to host two major screening events for kids in need within just a few months of getting started. We kicked things off with a special screening for Avengers: Infinity War in April, where we were able to give out toys donated by Hasbro.

The following month, we were able to treat underprivileged kids to an EARLY screening of Solo: A Star Wars Story, where we were able to give out some posters and books donated by Lucasfilm/DK.

In both screenings we were able to provide concessions for every kid in attendance. Due to the nature of the group we’re working with (some abused/neglected kids with pending court cases) we weren’t able to take more specific individual photos, but all of them had a blast.

Since these events, we’ve also donated $300 in Fandango giftcards to CASA of Dallas to give out to foster families to be able to attend a movie of their choice. We have more screenings we’re hoping to do very soon, as well as more giftcards we want to send out. So if you haven’t already, take a moment to hit up our Donation/Event page to help make even more awesome events happen.