Fundraising Starts for Solo: A Star Wars Story Screening!

With our first event for Avengers: Infinity War happening this weekend, we’re excited to kick off the fundraising for our next big screening for the kids; Solo: A Star Wars Story!

Once again we’re turning to GoFundMe to help raise money for our next big screening event coming up in May. This time around we’ll be taking a group of kids in need to see Solo: A Star Wars Story. The galaxy far, far away has always been a franchise for kids and transporting them on a galactic adventure, so we felt it was the perfect choice for our second event.

This time we have some rewards for those who donate/support, with some really great raffles coming up in the next week as well. That means your support not only helps us out, but it can nab you some incredible swag as well based on Star Wars. Stay tuned to the site here for updates on the raffle, but please take a moment to check out the current fundraising campaign and share it with all your friends/family members…Oh and any money you donate now, DOES count towards the upcoming raffle.