Sending Kids in Need to See Christopher Robin

It may have been a little quiet around here over the last month, but we haven’t been idle. We have all the details set for our next screening event and will need your help, once again, to make it happen!

Coming at the very end of this month, we are happy to be hosting a screening of Disney’s Christopher Robin. Better yet, we’re able to deliver an EARLY screening of the film to kids in need from a local foster organization. We’re super excited to be able to do this but we need just a little bit of help from supporters like you.

We’ve launched a new fundraiser on GoFundMe in order to secure all we need to ensure these kids have the best night at the movies possible. We’re grateful to be able to say that the venue is ALREADY COVERED. So we’re able to significantly reduce our fundraising goal and are only seeking help to cover the cost of concessions for the kids, so they can have a true movie night experience.

Please take a moment to check out the fundraising page. Even if you’re unable to help at this time (even $5 can get a bag of popcorn), please be kind enough to share it on all your social media channels with friends and family!