Captain Marvel Kicks Off Our 2019 Screening Events

Superhero movies in 2019 are kicking off with a bang as Captain Marvel soars into theaters this March. At ReelOutreach, we could think of no better way to kick off our screening events this year than to partner up with Girls Inc. for an all girl screening of Captain Marvel! We’re going to need your help, however, to make it as amazing as possible. 
Last year, we were proud to host FIVE separate screening events for kids in need (through our local Foster Advocacy center) and we’re hoping to make 2019 even better. We’re going to start with a special all-girl screening for Captain Marvel in order to show these kids they too can go Higher Further Faster.

This time around, we’re happy to be working with our local chapter of Girls Inc.  and we’re looking to make it our biggest event so far. To do that, however, we need your help and turning to GoFundMe once again for our fundraising needs.

As we have in the past for our other successful events, we’re raising funds to not only secure the theater space, but to ensure we can cover concessions for all of the kids in attendance. Snacks are an integral part of the “theater experience” and as we’ve learned from previous events, it’s something our groups cherish and don’t get often at all.

We’d love to do more than one Captain Marvel screening this time around, so any funds we receive beyond our goal here will go towards trying to secure more theater space, or a second event altogether. We know this is going to be something special for these kids and want to ensure as many as possible get the chance to go.