Movie-Themed Gift Baskets for Kids in the Hospital (2019)

As we did last year, for Christmas, ReelOutreach is putting together movie themed gift baskets for children in our local hospitals. Comprised in part by the generous leftover donations from Hasbro, Funko, and even The Pokemon Company, we’re trying to be the joy of movies to those who need it most.

We’re also working to deliver other goodies in the basket in the form or theater gift cards, Netflix/Disney+ subscriptions, and more. This way, the families of those kids can still enjoy a night at the movies, just whenever is convenient for them. We need your help to finish putting them all together and we don’t have much time to do it.

The local Children’s Medical Center needs all Christmas donations in by the middle of the month so they can have time to sanitize/disinfect them as necessary for the child patients. Which means we have to work quickly to get as many of these together as possible.

Each basket takes $30 to assemble, and that’s all we’re asking from movie lovers like you. For a $30 donation, you’ll be BUYING one of these gift baskets for us to take to the hospital. These are YOUR gifts to the children and will include your name (if you choose) on the basket you buy when we deliver it to the hospital.

You can donate directly here on the site via Paypal, OR you can use the specific GoFundMe Page we have set up for the Gift Baskets.

If you’re unable to afford the $30 gift basket, that’s okay! Even a $5 or $10 donation will go towards helping us build these gift baskets. It’s a race against the clock, as we’re hoping to deliver as many as possible by the hospital deadline. We’re crossing our fingers we can get at least 20-25 put together to at least match our Hospital donation from last year. Ideally, we’d love to put together even more baskets than that.