Movie Gift Baskets for Kids in the Hospital Returns!

The COVID-19 pandemic kept us from doing our normal movie-themed gift baskets for our local children’s hospital for the last couple years, but we’re excited to be putting them together once again! This Christmas we’re once again putting together these special baskets filled with all manner of movie-themed goodness to present as special gifts to kids stuck in the hospital during the holidays.

As always, we need your help to make it happen.

As we’ve done in past years, we’ll be filling these baskets with a combination of treats. We’ll be using leftover toys from companies who’ve donated to screening events we’ve held previously. We’re also hoping to deliver other goodies in the basket in the form of theater gift cards, Netflix/Disney+ subscriptions, and more. This way, the families of those kids can still enjoy a night at the movies, whenever is convenient for them.

Yes, it’s October, but we’re starting early this year to ensure we can procure as many gift baskets as possible. The local Children’s Medical Center needs all Christmas donations in by the middle of the month so they can have time to sanitize/disinfect them as necessary for the child patients. As such, we wanted to give much more time to get orders in and ready to go.

For a $35 donation (covering the cost of putting them together), you’ll be BUYING one of these gift baskets for us to take to the hospital. That’s right, these are YOUR gifts to the children. We will include your name (if you choose) on the basket you buy when we deliver it to the hospital, so the families will know who it came from.

You can donate directly here on the site via Paypal, OR you can use the specific GoFundMe Page we have set up for the Gift Baskets.

If you’re unable to afford the $35 gift basket, that’s okay! Even a $5 or $10 donation will go towards helping us build these gift baskets.

We want to make our return to the children’s hospital as memorable as possible, so we’re hoping to secure at least 30 gift baskets for the hospital, which would be just a smidge more than our last donation.