Mario Bros. Kicks Off Our 2023

2022 finally saw us come back in full force with in-theater events and even a return to gift baskets for kids in the hospital. Today, we’re starting fundraising for the first event of 2023!

There are no shortage of great movies to sift through when deciding on hosting an event. That said, The Super Mario Bros. Movie (coming from Universal and Illumination Entertainment) was an easy choice. With something that looks like it will appeal to all ages and family members, it feels perfectly suited for the work we do.

The film itself arrives on April 7th, and we’re in the process of pinning down all the hard and fast details of the event (though release weekend is usually our timeframe for these). As such, we’ve kicked off fundraising for the event to help get what we need well ahead of time, to make securing a theater (and their snacks) easier.

If you’re looking to help, you can head on over to our GoFundMe page we’ve set up for the event that launched today. If you’d rather donate to us directly, by hitting up our Donation Page right here on the site!

As always, none of our work is possible with your help, and we’ve been blessed with some serious support over the years. Now, let’s make sure 2023 is an even better year for bringing the joy of movies to kids in need!