Previous Events

3 Months, 3 Events

To cap off the end of 2019, we managed to do THREE events within THREE months; the first time we’ve been able to do so. Working with Girls Inc of Dallas County, the Boys and Girls Club, as well as CASA of Tarrant County for these events where we took the kids to see The Addams Family, Frozen 2, and The Rise of Skywalker.

The Lion King

We were super excited to partner up with Girls Inc. once again (this time a different county chapter) to treat some kids to a screening of the new live-action adaptation of The Lion King. Cinemark Mansfield (which held our very FIRST event) were great to work with and made the event an easy experience for everyone all around. Funko was kind enough to donate some Lion King themed Funk Pops! for the kids to take home as well.

Detective Pikachu

We were privileged to work alongside the Boys and Girls Club in the Dallas area for our second screening of the year. The Pokemon Company themselves were also kind enough to send us some special Detective Pikachu Pokemon card packs for us to give out to the kids in attendance.

Captain Marvel

Our first screening of the year was easily our biggest yet! We were super excited to work with Girls Inc. this time around for a very special all girl screening of Captain Marvel. Better yet, Hasbro was kind enough to work with us to provide special Captain Marvel toys for those in attendance.

[UPDATE: Due to some changing safety concerns for the kids involved in some of our previous screenings, we have had to pull down those images. We’re working on getting some new images from those involved that can be used without potentially endangering the kids.]


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Our final screening event for the year was one of our smallest (the offer came up late, so was more spur of the moment), but also among our most fun. All manner of treats awaited the kids from CASA of Dallas, including an appearance from Spider-Man himself!

Ralph Breaks The Internet

Our biggest screening event so far allowed us to bring a big group of foster kids from CASA of Dallas to an early screening of Ralph Breaks the Internet. Even better, we were able to host the event during Thanksgiving week, so we were able to truly make the holiday special.

Christopher Robin

At the tail end of the Summer, we were happy to take another group of foster kids from CASA of Dallas to a special early screening of Disney’s Christopher Robin.

Avengers: Infinity War

Thanks to the help of generous supporters we’ve been able to host two major screening events for kids in need within just a few months of getting started. We kicked things off with a special screening for Avengers: Infinity War in April, where we were able to give out toys donated by Hasbro.

The following month, we were able to treat underprivileged kids to an EARLY screening of Solo: A Star Wars Story, where we were able to give out some posters and books donated by Lucasfilm/DK.

In all of the screenings we were able to provide concessions for every kid in attendance. Due to the nature of the group we’re working with (some abused/neglected kids with pending court cases) we weren’t able to take more specific individual photos, but all of them had a blast.

Since these events, we’ve also donated $300 in Fandango giftcards to CASA of Dallas to give out to foster families to be able to attend a movie of their choice. We have more screenings we’re hoping to do very soon, as well as more giftcards we want to send out. So if you haven’t already, take a moment to hit up our Donation/Event page to help make even more awesome events happen.