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Where Does the Money Go? 

It’s easy to be skeptical about charities in general, new ones especially; and you want to make sure that any money you give is actually going towards what you’re donating for. We get that, and at ReelOutreach, we want to be as transparent as possible regarding where your money goes when you support our cause.

This is a rough breakdown (as we’re just getting started) of how the money is/will be utilized:

Current Events – The bulk of money raised, especially during fundraising campaigns, will go directly towards ensuring our current planned events are successful, and accounting for all fees associated with it (even using the PayPal options on the site come with fees that cut into the resources we receive). Theater rentals/tickets, concessions, and any extra goodies (shirts, posters, etc) are all included in this.

Money raised beyond the goals we set for current fundraisers will be used to EXPAND the scope of the event (i.e. reserving a bigger theater for a screening, adding more theaters in other areas for screenings).

Future Goals – We have goals for the charity beyond our current events. When we’re not hosting screening events, we are buying up theater gift cards to give out to Foster Homes and other child care agencies so families can have their own private night at the movies.

On top of that, we’re constantly looking ahead to our bigger goal of bringing the movie experience to hospital bound kids who can’t get out to the theater. This requires a portable projector, screen, and player to be able to take to the hospitals…which are not cheap. As such, a smaller portion of money raised is set aside to begin building the funds necessary to purchase those supplies.

Administration – Finally, we dedicate the smallest portion of funds possible to taking care of the administration side of ReelOutreach:

* Site mainentance which includes the monthly costs of keeping the site online (and emails), and upgrading the plug-ins and themes used to keep things running smoothly.

* Campaign outreach is also covered under this. We utilize admin funds to help pay for advertisments used to promote our current event fundraisers. We hope to spread the word about ReelOutreach all across the country, and doing so requires more legwork and money than just posting a blog update on the site.
We hope to attend local conventions to promote our charity, which would include signage, booths, business cards, shirts, and more. While this incurs cost, getting the awareness out ensures we can host MORE incredible events for the kids.

* Any other fees or costs not specifically associated with current events would also be covered by the admin section of our funds.

As we grow, these percentages may flucuate just a tad, but you can rest easy knowing that we will always put our work with the kids first and foremost when it comes to the donations we receive from people like you.


Jordan Maison is the current Editor in Chief of Cinelinx.com where he’s developed multiple years of experience within the film industry and established the connections to help make this a reality.  Growing up without much money, movies were always a form of escape and special treat when they happened.  The beauty of film turned into a life-long passion, getting him through film school and ultimately neck-deep in film as a journalist/reviewer.

Film has had a major impact on his life and he hopes to share that love of movies with other kids growing up in a similar situation, to either spark their own dreams/goals, or provide them the momentary escape they need.

Matt Malliaros grew up in a small town near Houston, TX, raised by his parents Penelope and Evangelos.  Growing up, he learned the importance of giving back from both of his parents, but especially his father; who often shared stories from his childhood, where his family worked several jobs to make sure he was fed and clothed.  Watching his parents donate their time and money to benefit others has been the inspiration for Matt’s charitable missions, which include working with Habitat for Humanity, local toy drives, and donating memorabilia to local charities for auction.  Now, Matt has joined Reel Outreach to help low-income DFW families take time out of their busy lives to experience movies for free.

Gabriel Barboza’s lifelong passion for movies developed at a very early age as he sought to escape the Texas heat by binging stacks of video rentals from the corner store or kicking back in the folding auditorium seats of the local dollar theater. He truly believes that cinema can be an invaluable form of escapism and loves being able to help underprivileged youth forget their worries for a moment and enjoy a night at the movies.

To speak with Jordan about Reel Outreach, plan an event, or discuss other ways you can help, he can be reached via email at jordan@reeloutreach.com, or via our contact page.