Our Mission

At Reel Outreach, our belief is that everyone deserves a night (or day) at the movies and that kids, who have no control over their circumstances, need it the most. With rising costs for tickets and concessions, for many kids the enjoyment of sitting down to enjoy a film is sadly out of reach.   

While many consider this a luxury, for kids in need it’s a chance to escape and feel normal. For those in foster care, orphanages, or group homes, the funding simply isn’t available for them to get treated to the movies.

How We’re Helping

We want to offer kids of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a night at the movies for the latest releases they otherwise would have missed. Initially, we’re seeking to do this in a couple of ways: First, we’re offering to host events at movie theaters where we rent out the entire theater in order to bring in entire groups of kids (from local Boys & Girls Clubs, Child Care Groups, and Shelters) to see the latest release on opening weekends. 

These special screenings come complete with concession bundles and movie themed goodies (depending on studio participation) to take home with them.

Between these screening events comes the second part of the plan: providing free movie passes and concession vouchers to kids/families in need. In this way, those unable to attend our events can still enjoy an evening at the movies whenever is convenient. 

Looking Ahead

These are, for now, simple goals in the hopes that in the near future we’ll be able to host screening events all across the country for children, while finding solutions to allow us the chance to bring the latest blockbusters to children in hospitals.

The only way to make any of these goal possible, is through contributions by movie lovers and generous fans like you. As a non-profit, we rely on the help of others to give these kids in need a chance to enjoy the latest movies like everyone else.  If you’re interested in helping out, have suggestions for places to host events, or a group that could use our services, be sure to check out our donations/contact page for more information.  

Together we can make a REEL difference in the lives of children.  

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